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Automate Dependency Updates with Renovate

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The Renovate Logo: a paint roller, rolling from top left to bottom right inside a blue circle.
Renovate Logo
Keeping your dependencies up-to-date is a chore. Updating dependencies often gets neglected while working on new features and busy improving your application. But it is necessary to keep your application safe and secure. Renovate reminds you of new dependency releases and makes upgrading a bliss.

Renovate is a standalone node application. It scans your repositories for dependencies and creates Pull Requests (aka. Merge Requests) for the dependency updates. It supports a wide range of “package managers”, including Maven, Gradle, and npm, but also Dockerfile and bitbucket-pipelines.yml. Each update is proposed in a separate Pull Request containing information like Changelogs of the dependency and Renovate’s instructions on how to work with the PR. Your build pipeline with your automated tests will automatically verify if your application still works with the updated dependency. If you have enough confidence in your build pipeline, you can configure Renovate to auto-merge the PRs. Otherwise, you can merge the PRs yourself.

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